Our works

NMC Realestate project

Sub contract from Hua Hong construction PLC NMC Realestate is a big project that set on 20,000 sqm at Tuludimtu Square. The project includes four 12 story building and 20 G+1 residential homes. This project was signed between NMC.sc and Hua Hong construction PLC due to the size of the project Hua Hong construction PLC has subcontracted us to do the excavation and material supply for the project.

GTM Realestate project

GTM company decide to build a mixed use 14 story building at figa CMC road. The building includes a two and three bedroom apartment with Gym, sauna, swimming pool and 2 basement floors for parking. Since the building was started in 2013 E.C Eskedar has been supplying the best quality materials such as Sand, Aggregate, select material and other material. These project is set to be finished in 2018 E.c

Naine Mothers and Children's Hospital

Naine mothers and children's hospital is a hospital that is currently under construction at kera.. on 2,000 sqm by webserk trading P.l.c. The company gave us the work of excavation of there project. Our contract was to finish the excavation in 2 month, due to land(mechot) and our teams late and night work we where able to finish the work in 14 days and since then Eskedar has also been supplying the project the all the required on time.

Mixed use building complex

While working on this project due to the fact that the next building could collapse we had to stop the work to plant concrete on the ground. The plantation of the concrete took nine days which delayed the delivery date by 3 days.